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Are you in the market for tile installation in Long Island? Contact Aztec Tile & Stone Inc because we get the job done right the first time and consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our highly trained and experienced technicians deliver quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service at every job, no matter how big or small.

Whether we are laying a floor in a living room or a lobby, installing a shower or tub surround, tiling walls and backsplashes in a kitchen or a restaurant, our precision installation services can bring beauty and increase the value of your home or business.

House remodeling is better whenever it is Aztec Tile & Stone Inc on the job. For over 15 years, our specialists have assisted thousands of clients achieve the dream property that they have always yearned for. We pride in our ability to enhance beauty and value on both big and small projects across Long Island.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction

From ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles, to glass we can install any type of tile. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom designs and cuts. As full-service tile installation contractors, we are here for you every step of the way, from answering questions and providing an estimate to designing your project to a successfully completed installation.

Contact us today for tile installation in Long Island. Our primary goal is your satisfaction throughout the timeline of any project, large or small. From designing custom backsplashes to complete kitchen renovation rebuild, our principle focus remains the dedication towards a finished job that matches (or exceeds) both parties expectations.

Combined with our experience and our “realistic approach” to maintaining options that are strictly within the realm of availability and efficiency, we envision a clearer picture of what is to come. More simply, we do not promise anything we cannot deliver.

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Our team of experts are recognized throughout Long Island for not only providing the best quality work but doing it faster than anybody else in the area

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Quality is our main goal because this is how we are able to provide a positive and memorable experience to our all our customers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your experience matters to us greatly. Our team will do everything to make sure you are happy with the overall result of the service provided. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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